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Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo:

The Watercolours in the Collection of the Manly Art Gallery & Museum

Here you will find watercolours that are held by the Manly Art Gallery & Museum. Dattilo-Rubbo was fascinated by the ordinary person, the working man, the labourer, the tramp, the old man. His engagement with people is clearly demonstrated by his great love of portraiture, which he pursued throughout his life.

Abbreviations used:

nd = not dated
wcop = watercolour on paper

A0093_aboriginal_wc  Australian Aboriginal, nd, wcop, 59 x 39 cm 


Australian Aboriginal, 1923, wcop, 42 x 34 cm

Tam-O-Shanty, nd, wcop, 51 x 35 cm

On the Wallaby Track, 1913,
watercolour and pastel on paper,
80 x 61 cm

Head Study, nd, wcop, 37 x 28 cm

An old scholar, nd, wcop, 59 x 39 cm

A0097_carpenter_wc  The carpenter, 1932, wcop, 59 x 39 cm

  Jock, 1933, wcop, 59 x 38 cm

Pat, wcop, nd, 55 x 37 cm

A0107_Hawker_wc  A hawker, nd, wcop, 56 x 40 cm

A0108_news_wc  News, nd, wcop, 58 x 54 cm

A0210_Tim_labourer_wc  Tim, a labourer, 1947, wcop, 57 x 40 cm

A0212_Fishermans_wife_wc  The fisherman's wife, nd, 51 x 37 cm

A0215_vieuxmatelot_wc  Le vieux matelot, nd, wcop, 52 x 39 cm

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